Roberta Metsola

“Join forces to help Gozo move forward” – MEP Roberta Metsola

Member of the European Parliament for Malta and Gozo, Roberta Metsola, addressed Gozitan students today to encourage them to get involved in the debate and join together to help Gozo move forward.


“I visit Gozo regularly and meet with people from every different sector here and everyone agrees that Gozo needs young people to become more involved in the debate and in the decisions shaping your future. Don’t be bystanders, join together and make your voices heard. That is the only way that Gozo, Malta and the rest of Europe will change,” said Dr Metsola.


Dr Metsola emphasised that sometimes the EU gets it wrong and these issues are more acutely felt in small nations like Malta and more so in smaller islands like Gozo, “but if you work hard enough for long enough, even one person can make a difference. Never let anyone tell you that you are too small or too alone to make change happen. Never let the geographic realities of our country hold you back”.


Underlining the importance of young people standing up for the European project, Dr Metsola said that “Europe is a continent of opportunity, but people must stand up for it. Europe is not some mythical, invisible organisation far away. Europe is Gozo as much as Gozo is Europe. It is you and me”.


Dr Metsola said that Europe needs young voices and that it is the coming together of different countries and different cultures that gives the European project strength.


Dr Metsola was speaking an event organised at the Gozo Secondary Boys School to discuss a book ‘Dear Europe’ published with letters from European students, including a number from Gozo, addressing politicians and the public on what they would like to see from the EU.


Mr Victor Galea, the Principal of Gozo College, Dr Francis Abela, the Headmaster of Gozo College Secondary School, Mr Francesco Vivacqua, Chairman of the ‘Dear Europe’ Project and Dr Peter Agius, Head of the European Parliament Office in Malta, spoke at the event. Raul and Tony, two students whose letters were published in the book, also addressed the students.


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Published on September 30, 2016 at 2:40 pm