Roberta Metsola

Roaming charges in EU consigned to history” – MEP Roberta Metsola


Member of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola welcomed the agreement on wholesale roaming prices, which means that the EU has cleared the last hurdle required to abolish mobile phone roaming charges across the EU by the summer of 2017.


“This has been a long process – too long in many respects, but we are finally here. The decision was the final important step towards finally banning mobile phone roaming charges across the EU and comes after years of painstaking work and negotiations. It is time that this outdated business practice is finally consigned to history,” said Dr Metsola.


As of 15 June of this year, consumers will pay the same price for calls, texts and mobile data as at home, wherever they are travelling in the EU at no extra charge, subject to a fair usage clause.


“This is an issue that has been pushed in the European Parliament for years and something that people in Malta and Gozo have called for for a long time, and I am so pleased that this will finally become a reality soon. Now that the roaming charges issue has been settled, it is time to look at the next step – reducing charges for intra-EU calls when in your home State,” added Dr Metsola.


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Published on February 1, 2017 at 3:25 pm